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Remote Workers Buyers Guide

Remote Workers Buyer's Guide

“Quick-Shop” work-from-home bundles NEW

Our sales team and product experts have been working together to make it easy for you to find work-from-home solutions now. We understand that your remote tech needs are urgent to maintain business continuity. Shop these Quick-Shop bundles specifically designed for each remote team member. Many bundles are in stock and ready to ship.

Setting Up Your Home Workspace

Having the right tools and resources can make all the difference in both performance and job satisfaction, both in the office and especially when working from your home. No one expects to hear dogs barking or children yelling while hosting a video call from their company conference room, but it can become unavoidable from a home office. And that's just one of the things remote workers need to worry about.

But for now, let's just start with the basics. Beyond a computer and an internet connection, what do you need to perform your job while working remotely?

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Headsets & Earsets

Wherever you wind up working, being able to focus on your work or calls without worrying about distracting background noise is critical to getting things done. Using the speakerphone option of your cell phone may 'technically' work, but it's far from professional. Our recommendation is to look for a comfortable mic/headset combo with active noise canceling and easy connectivity, like the Shure AONIC 50.

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Presentation Solutions

A proper home office setup can often lead to improvements in productivity and engagement. Even so, there will be times when you feel the need to move to a different room to work for a bit. Today's portable, wireless presentation options such as the Optoma QuickCast Pro with HDMI compatibility can have you up and running in a different location, connected to a different display, in only a few minutes.

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Speaker Phones

If you'd rather not wear a headset all day long, a quality speaker phone with echo-cancellation and noise reduction features is an excellent choice. Speaker phones of today offer incredible sound quality while including quick access to mute and volume controls. We recommend choosing a speaker phone with auto-silence, USB power, and plug-and-play capabilities.



Take care of your vision and your posture while working from home by using a quality desktop monitor. Place the top of your monitor to be at or slightly below your eyeline, and about an arm's length away to help avoid slouching or neck strain. Avoid screen glare by positioning the monitor away from direct light.


Keyboards & Mice

Space may be limited for many remote workers and the standard wired computer keyboard and mouse can contribute to a cluttered work area. Besides looking unprofessional, a cluttered workspace can invite unnecessary hazards such as spilled beverages or dangling cords that, if snagged, could result in equipment damage or personal injury. Help your employees maintain an organized work area by using wireless USB or Bluetooth® input devices.

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